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Decline in Crypto Crime: Insights into 2024 Trends and Challenges

The crypto landscape in 2024 continues to evolve rapidly, with significant changes in the nature and volume of crypto-related crimes. A comprehensive analysis of recent reports and data provides insights into current trends, underlying challenges, and future implications for the industry.

Declining Trend in Crypto Hacking and Scamming

According to a Chainalysis report, cryptocurrency hacking incidents experienced a notable decline in 2023. Hackers stole approximately $1.7 billion from cryptocurrency platforms, marking a 54.3% reduction compared to the previous year. Notwithstanding this decrease, the number of individual hacking incidents rose to 231, up from 219 in 2022. North Korea-linked organizations were particularly active, with the number of hacks rising to a record 20​​​​.

Interestingly, the decline in stolen funds was driven largely by a sharp drop-off in DeFi hacking, suggesting an improvement in security practices within DeFi protocols. However, the decrease in DeFi hacking losses may also be partially attributed to the overall drop in DeFi activity in 2023​​.

Shifts in Illicit Activity

In 2023, the total value received by suspicious crypto addresses was estimated at $24.2 billion. The share of crypto transaction volume linked to illicit activities decreased from 0.42% in 2022 to 0.34% in 2023. This decline is noteworthy and indicates a positive trend in reducing crypto-related crimes​​​​.

Stablecoins have emerged as the primary choice for illicit transactions, surpassing the dominance of Bitcoin. This shift is attributed to stablecoins’ higher liquidity and the challenges faced by sanctioned entities in accessing traditional financial systems. Despite this, Bitcoin remains the preferred choice for darknet market sales and ransomware extortion​​​​.

Ransomware and Darknet Markets: A Resurgence

Contrary to the overall downward trend, ransomware and darknet market activities saw revenue growth in 2023. This resurgence suggests that attackers are adapting to improved cybersecurity measures. The growth in darknet market revenue is particularly significant following the decline in 2022 due to the shutdown of Hydra, a major darknet market​​​​.

Sanctioned Entities and Jurisdictions

Transactions associated with sanctioned entities and jurisdictions accounted for $14.9 billion, representing 61.5% of all illicit transaction volume in 2023. This highlights the importance of regulatory oversight and compliance in the crypto industry to counteract these high-volume illicit transactions​​​​.


The data from 2023 reveals a complex landscape of crypto-related crimes. While there is a significant reduction in hacking and scamming activities, the resurgence in ransomware and darknet market revenues, along with the prominence of transactions linked to sanctioned entities, underscores the need for ongoing vigilance and improved security measures in the crypto industry. These insights are crucial for shaping regulatory frameworks and fostering a secure environment for all stakeholders.

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