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Devcon 7 Unveils Ticket Launch Details and Programming Tracks

In anticipation of the upcoming Devcon 7, the Ethereum Foundation has announced important details about ticket sales and programming tracks. The event, which is set to take place in Southeast Asia, aims to bring together the global Ethereum community to discuss the latest developments and innovations within the ecosystem.

🎤 Programming Timeline & Tracks

Speaker applications for Devcon 7 will open on July 9. The programming tracks, which cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the Ethereum ecosystem, are now live. These tracks will include a variety of talks, workshops, and panels catering to both beginner and expert levels.

The tracks are:

  • Core Protocol: Focused on the latest research and development efforts to enhance Ethereum’s decentralization, resilience, and security.
  • Layer 2: Covering the advancements in Ethereum’s rollup-centric ecosystem aimed at scaling the network to support billions of users.
  • Developer Experience: Highlighting the latest tools and best practices for Ethereum developers.
  • Coordination: Exploring how Ethereum can improve online coordination.
  • Cypherpunk & Privacy: Discussing the core values that make Ethereum unique and their importance to society.
  • Applied Cryptography: Examining the rapid advancements in cryptographic primitives and their real-world applications.
  • Security: Addressing the latest security best practices and tools to enhance the safety of Ethereum applications.
  • Real World Ethereum: Showcasing concrete applications that utilize Ethereum for long-term positive impact.
  • Usability: Focusing on improving the user experience of Ethereum and its applications to drive mass adoption.
  • Cryptoeconomics: Investigating the latest research and best practices in building robust decentralized networks with strong participant incentives.

For more information, visit the Devcon programming page.

🎟️ Ticket Timeline & Types

Devcon 7 tickets will be available through three primary methods:

  • Raffle-Auction Ticket Wave (June 18 – July 9): $299
  • DiscountsSelf-claimed & Application-based (Starting July 9): Price varies
  • General Admission Sale Waves (Starting July 16): $599

Raffle-Auction Ticket Wave

The Raffle-Auction will be held on-chain, showcasing Ethereum’s capability to host verifiable and fair raffles and auctions. A total of 200 tickets will be offered, with the highest 20 bids winning the auction and the remaining tickets distributed through a raffle.

The network for the auction will be Arbitrum, with a minimum bid set at 0.08 ETH. Proceeds above the reserve price will support initiatives like the EF Next Billion Scholars program.

Participants will need to log into or create a Gitcoin Passport and validate their stamps for sybil-resistance. The bidding window will be open from June 18 to July 9, with the claiming window running from July 9 to 31.

Discounts — Begin July 9

Discounted tickets will be available through various channels:

  • Self-claimed: For groups like Protocol Guild members and select OSS Contributors.
  • Application-based: Including local discounts for SEA Builders, Builder Discounts, Academic Discounts, and Youth tickets.
  • Devcon Scholarship Program: Offering free tickets and potential travel support for scholars.
  • Community Ticket Requests: Available to leaders and organizers of web2 and web3 communities.

Complete details will be provided on July 9.

General Admission Sale Waves — Begins July 16

General admission tickets will go on sale starting July 16, with two waves launching at 16:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC. Payments will be accepted in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

📻 Stay Tuned

For updates on how to get involved in Devcon 7, including volunteer and speaker applications and ticket sales, subscribe to the newsletter or follow Devcon on Farcaster, X/Twitter, Lens, Instagram, and Facebook.

For more detailed information, visit the official Ethereum Foundation Blog.

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