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Key Insights from SSV Foundation’s Recent AMA

Overview of the AMA

The SSV Labs team recently held a comprehensive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, engaging participants from the DAO, SSV Foundation, and SSV Labs. The session was aimed at shedding light on the Foundation’s role, objectives, and its collaboration with the DAO. According to, the AMA covered essential updates and operational changes impacting the community.

Insights from the AMA

One of the primary goals of the AMA was to clarify the SSV Foundation’s initiatives and how it interacts with the SSV DAO. The session highlighted the Foundation’s responsibility in bridging decentralized decision-making with real-world execution. This initiative is crucial for the Foundation’s transparency and effectiveness in addressing the SSV community’s needs.

Participants were encouraged to listen to the full recording of the AMA to capture the event’s energy and excitement fully. The SSV community is also urged to stay engaged through the dedicated Discord channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AMA addressed several frequently asked questions from the community:

1. Elad, what is your background, and how does it align with your role at the SSV Foundation?

Elad Gafni, who has a background in law and finance and entered the crypto world in 2017, leads the SSV Foundation. His diverse experience is pivotal in driving the Foundation’s initiatives forward.

2. What are the latest updates around the foundation, and why is this important?

The Foundation facilitates real-world agreements and builds a regulatory environment, aiding the DAO in maintaining its decentralized ethos while progressing with partners.

3. What are the key differences between the DAO and the Foundation? How do they function together?

The DAO operates through community voting and decentralized decision-making, whereas the Foundation executes these decisions in the real world, ensuring efficiency and adherence to the DAO’s directives.

4. How will establishing the SSV Foundation enhance the DAO’s ability to make community-driven decisions?

The Foundation promotes meetups, education, and transparency, ensuring community-driven decisions are implemented effectively in the real world.

5. What operational changes can we expect with the transition to the SSV Foundation?

The Foundation will handle long-term agreements and partnerships, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance to foster stability and growth.

6. How will this affect day-to-day interactions and support for mainnet stakers?

Mainnet stakers will experience no disruptions. The Foundation will focus on ecosystem growth and support with regulatory measures.

7. How does the foundation contribute to making a public good?

The Foundation ensures open access to the network, promotes transparency, funds development, and supports community initiatives.

8. How do SSV Labs contribute to the development and security of the protocol?

SSV Labs contributes to the protocol’s code and offers services to the DAO’s marketing efforts.

9. What are the strategies for promoting inclusivity and participation among all members of the DAO? Can anyone be part of either the DAO or the Foundation?

Both the DAO and Foundation are open to active participation from community members, with opportunities to become ambassadors or committee members.

10. What has been your favorite personal moment since joining the DAO?

Elad Gafni highlighted the meetup in Lisbon as a significant moment, where he witnessed the community’s enthusiasm and dedication firsthand.

11. Can you tell us more about the new grant changes and why they are significant?

The new strategy focuses on strategic partnerships rather than broad grants, targeting critical ecosystem components to ensure dedicated development and alignment with evolving needs.

Transparency and Community Engagement

Community AMAs are vital for fostering transparency and engagement within the SSV community. These sessions help strengthen the bond between various stakeholders by addressing community questions and sharing strategic insights. The SSV Labs team encourages everyone to stay involved and informed.

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