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Spider Tanks Unveils New Shrouded Shrine Arena

Gala Games has announced the latest addition to the Spider Tanks universe: the Shrouded Shrine arena. This new battleground is set deep within the jungles of Silvanus, amidst ancient ruins that hint at a mysterious past. According to Gala News, the Shrouded Shrine is designed to offer a balanced and strategic gameplay experience, making it a favorite among Spider Tanks pilots.

Unique Arena Features

The Shrouded Shrine arena stands out for its circular layout, which provides evenly matched starting points for players. The 180-degree path through the arena encourages strategic maneuvering and teamwork. Unlike other maps, Shrouded Shrine lacks large open areas, potentially giving an edge to faster tanks. Additionally, the arena hosts only two repair kits, located on a bridge in the North and on a cliff in the South, adding another layer of strategy for players to consider.

Strategic Areas

Area 1: The Outskirts

The East and West sides of the arena, accessible via bridges, are risky spots to hold due to the easy access enemies have to repair kits. Instead, these areas should be used as secondary attack routes when the enemy is entrenched in the North or South.

Area 2: The Cliff’s Edge

The South side offers a repair kit and some cover, but it’s also vulnerable to attacks from four different directions. Skilled players can use this area to launch effective attacks on the North side, leveraging the repair kit to withstand initial hits.

Area 3: The Runway

The North side features a long straightaway accessible via a single bridge. Controlling this area can be advantageous, provided players can prevent enemies from using the repair kit. The open space requires careful positioning to avoid enemy fire from across the chasm.

Area 4: The Killbox

The central area, known as the Killbox, is crucial during King of the Hill matches. It is a highly contested zone where control can determine the outcome of the game. Teams that dominate this area can effectively control the flow of the battle, forcing opponents to retreat to less favorable positions.

Best Practices for Shrouded Shrine

Keep Moving

Mobility is essential in Shrouded Shrine. The circular layout allows players to constantly move and reposition, avoiding prolonged exposure to enemy fire. The outskirts and runway areas provide enough space to maneuver and evade attacks.

Stay in Contact

Communication with teammates is vital. The arena’s design can easily cut off players from their allies, making it crucial to maintain awareness of each other’s positions. Allowing enemies to separate the team can lead to disastrous outcomes.

No Reliable Cover

Cover in Shrouded Shrine is limited and often unreliable. Bridges and other structures offer minimal protection, requiring players to remain vigilant and adaptable. The central mechanism, while providing some cover, can be easily circumvented by agile opponents.

Bridges Are Not Safe

The bridges in the East and West are particularly dangerous, as they can be targeted from multiple angles. These structures should be used for quick transitions rather than as defensive positions. The North bridge, though slightly less exposed, remains a high-risk area.


Shrouded Shrine presents a challenging environment for both new and experienced players. Its unique layout and strategic elements require a deep understanding of the map and constant adaptation. As players become more familiar with its intricacies, the arena promises intense and dynamic battles in the Spider Tanks universe.

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