Sunday, July 14, 2024

SushiSwap CEO Suggests New Tokenomics For Liquidity And Decentralization

According to a request that was presented on the 30th of December on the Sushi’s forum, Jared Grey, the Chief Executive Officer of the decentralized exchange SushiSwap, has plans to restructure the tokenomics of the SushiSwap token.

In the new model of tokenomics that has been presented, time-lock tiers will be implemented for emission-based incentives. Additionally, a token-burning mechanism and a liquidity lock will be included in order to provide price support.

According to Grey, the new tokenomics plan is to increase “treasury reserves to assure continued operation and growth.” Additionally, the plan seeks to improve the platform’s liquidity and decentralization.

According to the approach that is being suggested, liquidity providers (LPs) would get 0.05% of the money generated from swap fees, with bigger volume pools receiving the largest proportion.

LPs will also have the option to lock their liquidity in order to receive increased rewards that are depending on emissions.

Additionally, staked SUSHI (xSUSHI) will not earn any portion of the fee money; rather, it will receive awards determined by emissions and paid out in SUSHI tokens.

Emissions-based awards will be determined using time-lock levels, with longer time locks resulting in larger prizes than shorter time locks.

It is possible to make withdrawals prior to the expiration of time locks, albeit doing so will result in the rewards being lost and destroyed.

The decentralized exchange will utilize a configurable amount of the 0.05% swap charge in order to purchase the SUSHI token again and then destroy it.

The percentage will adjust itself according to the total number of time-lock levels that are chosen.

After disclosing that it had fewer than 1.5 years of runway left in its treasury, which means that a huge deficit was jeopardizing the exchange’s economic sustainability, SushiSwap decided to rework its tokenomics. This decision was made after the company made this revelation.

Due to the fact that the token-based emission approach caused SushiSwap to incur a loss of $30 million over the course of the previous 12 months on incentives for LPs, the firm made the decision to implement the new tokenomics model.


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