Friday, July 12, 2024

World of Women (WoW) Joins Tezos Ecosystem to Drive Gender Parity in Web3

World of Women (WoW), a pioneering force in digital art and NFTs, has announced its strategic move to join the Tezos ecosystem. This collaboration aims to accelerate gender parity across the Web3 space and create new opportunities for women in the evolving digital economy, according to Tezos Spotlight.

Empowering Women in the Digital Economy

Since its inception, WoW has been dedicated to building an inclusive future by addressing funding disparities and providing fair access to resources. Kathleen Breitman, co-founder of Tezos, emphasized that the transparent and decentralized nature of Tezos is crucial in empowering women within the digital ecosystem. “WoW building on Tezos offers hope for a future where women may be represented equally in a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable digital landscape,” she stated.

Addressing Gender Disparity in Web3

The move comes at a time when women are underrepresented in the Web3 workforce. According to Boston Consulting Group, women make up 37% of cryptocurrency holders but only 27% of the Web3 workforce and 13% of startup founding teams. WoW aims to bridge this gap by providing opportunities and support for women in the sector. Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women, remarked, “WoW aims to unite the collective power of women across Web3 and beyond and provide opportunities to further their impact at the forefront of art, tech, and culture.”

Technological Synergy with Tezos

WoW will leverage Tezos’ blockchain-enabled infrastructure to expand its reach. The organization plans to build on Etherlink, an EVM-compatible, non-custodial Layer 2 blockchain powered by Tezos Smart Rollups technology. This will enable low-cost, reliable, and fast transactions. Thomas Olivier, CTO of WoW, highlighted the synergy between the two organizations, noting their shared origin stories and vision amidst a male-dominated space. “Now, we can combine the legacy of the WoW brand with the reliability of Tezos to build a novel economy for women to support women and propel their aspirations,” he said.

Future Prospects

By joining the Tezos ecosystem, WoW is set to offer women a platform to secure funding, support among peers, and access to various opportunities. This partnership is seen as a significant step towards achieving mass adoption of Web3 by ensuring women play a crucial role in shaping its inclusive future.

About World of Women

Founded by renowned digital artist Yam Karkai, World of Women has become a significant entity in the NFT space. Its generative art collections, World of Women and World of Women Galaxy, have achieved historical milestones, including over $400 million in total trading volume and a record-setting sale at Christie’s Evening Sale. WoW has donated over $2 million to charitable causes and supported over 500 artists through its fund. The organization has also forged brand partnerships with major companies such as Billboard Magazine, Hasbro, Mastercard, and Samsung, further solidifying its mainstream success.

For more details, visit the official announcement on Tezos Spotlight.

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